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Friday, May 13, 2011

Waiting for Moscow


Somewhere on a cold floor near a deserted gate next to a Chili's in JFK International airport Jed and I crashed after our 4-hour red-eye flight out of Salt Lake City. We were utterly comatose. Jed having just returned from Bejing and not really operating on a functioning internal clock and myself...well, just having stayed up way too late were dead to the world. I remember coming in and out of consciousness due to the large oscillating fan above my head blowing in my eyes and being greeted by the stares of curious observers. One man with a smile remarked, "That fan feels good don't it." Not really being awake I just nodded and mumbled something incoherent. After a while I got up and decided to snap a couple pictures and this is what came about. Man I thought flying to Hawaii felt long... When we arrived in Moscow we came into a brand new wing of the airport. It was very modern and clean. The urinals in the men's bathroom looked like marshmellows or something from a James Bond movie. The other strange thing about the place was that it was completely empty. Not a soul around except our flight...and it was 11 am. I was shocked. Well there was this one cop-looking guard kind of guy that had a hat with a very steep curve on it that can only be described as a skateboard ramp. Imagine a cop hat with an insane amount of vert on it. There was also a very friendly Russian flight agent who attempted to help us find a lost item. His name was Boris or something like that, and then of course Charles, Andrea, and the very capable driver Sasha were there to greet us. Christine told them the situation so they wouldn't think we went missing. After that we went to IKEA for some lunch and trendy furniture...actually just the lunch then back to our lodging to get settled. What a day. I am pooped.



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