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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting Ready to Leave

Well it's less than 72 hours before we take off for Moscow to go spend some time with Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in Moscow Russia. Are we ready for jet lag? An 11 hour lay-over? Lot's of fun? You bet! ...Not sure about that jet lag part, but I am sure we will enjoy meeting with the faithful people of Russia. I have been more excited each day as I have been reading about the people we will meet with. For anyone interested in tuning into the progress of our journey we will be attempting to blog and write about our experience. Here is a little background on the purpose of our visit.

As part of BYU Alumni's mission to help students stay Connected for Good, an initiative has been created to encourage students, alumni of all ages and experience levels, and faculty to engage in interdisciplinary focal practices. The purpose of the focal practice is 3-fold: to do something meaningful, to do something that requires skill and mastery, and to bring out the uniqueness of each participant at their best. Our trip to Russia is one such focal practice. A team of students from diverse disciplines (film, photography, Russian studies, and public administration) are teaming up with young and seasoned alum professionals Jed Wells and The More Good Foundation to make a series of documentary shorts about members of the church in Russia. The shorts will be roughly 2-4 minutes in length and will highlight the lives of ordinary members of the church. We hope to have some video and or photo content available via our blogs during the trip to document our progress. The aim of the is project is to bless the lives of all participants through uplifting mentoring opportunities. It should be a lot of fun. For more info on The More Good Foundation or Jed Wells please visit the links provided.

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