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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeling the Vibe. Reflections on the Atonement.

Today was a wonderful day. Where do you begin when every moment you encounter someone or something that kind of blows your mind. Being here over the last few days we have met and worked with many many wonderful people. Meeting and working with the saints here in Moscow has truly been a blessing. Their faith and willingness to open their lives and homes to us is humbling. Today was no exception. We met again with the charming Timur to wrap up his story and get some final shots of him in the metro. We also wanted to go to a place that was contemplative and that would go well with his story. So Timur suggested a park near Bolotnaya Square that has a sculpture he is very fond of. The title of artwork is  "Children: the Victims of the Vices of Adults."
I was blown away by the message of the sculpture. Depicted are 13 vices in the form of figures that take various shapes and hold different symbolic objects. The vices represented are drug addiction, theft, prostitution, alcholism, ignorance, irresponsible science, indifference, propaganda of violence, sadism, for those without memory, child labour, poverty, and war. These are just a few shots of the scene. It was very moving and made me think how much the Atonement of Jesus Christ has played in not only Timur's life, but my own, and everyone else. Thanks Timur for a great day! After that we caught up with Vasya to film some of his band practice. They were awesome and really left all of us kind of skipping out the door. As I think about this trip and realize that we are more than half way done with the shoot I just feel very grateful for all the support and effort that has gone into making this a reality. There is a great work being done here and it wouldn't be possible without our sponsors and most definitely the beautiful Russian saints. Thank you all for everything you have done for us and for being who you are. A city set on a hill truly cannot be hid (Matt 5:14-16).



We also wanted to just share a raw clip so you could hear Vasya and his band. (No editing or sound engineering has been done). These guys rock!


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