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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sharing Your Talents

Today we spent our day with Vasya (short for Vasily) Sapozhnikov talking about his passion for music and for sharing it with others. Vasya is not only a talented vocalist and musician, he also has a talent for helping others believe in themselves. At the Central church building in Moscow Russia, Vasya directs the non-auditioned single adult choir for the Moscow district of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also teaches primary, a Sunday school class for children. Vasya believes that when you help others to develop new talents like singing you are really helping them believe in themselves and gain self confidence. He believes that while not everyone is blessed with the same music ability, those who put forward the effort to come to choir can feel unity and strength as they share a common desire to serve and do their best. According to Vasya, singing in the choir is a lot like our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. While many find it hard to sing, coming to the choir helps them grow and become better. In a similar way sometimes our faith isn't very strong, but when we come to God and Jesus Christ and try to follow them, they help our faith grow and become stronger. Vasya is a vocalist, a teacher, a choir director, a rock musician, and he's a Russian mormon. Stay tuned to see Vasya's video coming soon.


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